VESALIUS Passive Holder

VESALIUS Passive Holder (VPH)

The VPH is the product which is driven from the market demand within our many market surveys and direct communications with surgeons. An easy to use passive holder is still missing on the market and is applicable to many applications such as holding uterine manipulator, holding the grasper for Cholecystectomy and Adrenalectomy and holding the operative hysteroscopy for Transvaginal Hydrolaparoscopy. The following requirements are necessary for a passive holder:

1.   Slender mechanism, not interfering with the surgical actions of the operation team

2.   Easy to connect to the table rail and easy fixation of the laparoscope instrument

3.   The device should be completely sterilizable

4.   Intuitive and repositioning of the instrument single-handedly

5.   Repositioning of the instrument without exerting tension, or initiating damage to the abdominal wall at the incision point