VESALIUS Camera Holder

VESALIUS Camera Holder (VCH)

The VESALIUS Camera Holder (VCH) is the most basic active application on the VESALIUS Robot Platform (VRP). With the integration of traditional laparoscope and selective man-machine interfaces on VRP, it stabilizes the images of the surgical site and returns the control back to surgeon. Through our communication with several surgeons, the benefits of a camera holder are confirmed to have steady image and self control capability. The personnel shortage in small and medium size hospital is also an incentive for them to make use of this technology. The following are the man-machine interfaces provided on the VCH prototype. From left to right:
Voice command by noise cancelling microphone/  foot pedal/  3D joystick 
The advanced functions on VCH
The VCH knows the exact position and posture of the laparoscope. The position estimates are sent to the image processing algorithm to rebuild 3D information of the surgical site. The left picture shows the VCH capturing the image of a uterus and the right picture is its 3D reconstruction.
For more information:
Markus Moll, Hsiao-Wei Tang, Luc J. Van Gool: GPU-Accelerated Robotic Intra-operative Laparoscopic 3D Reconstruction. IPCAI 2010: 91-101