Dr. ir. Thierry Janssens

CEO/CTO Instrumen, the K.U.Leuven Spin-Off around the ARCM technology 

Dr. Thierry Janssens, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), will be responsible for general management and business development of VESALIUS and will also handle R&D, product design, and initial manufacturing and sourcing. He has experience in developing and designing mechatronic systems, system modelling and identification and control of mechatronic systems. In the field of tribology, he performed research in dynamic characterisation and modelling of friction for stabilisation and control purposes. He developed a tribometer as a mechatronic system to investigate velocity and normal load dependence of friction. He has a certificate on the knowledge of business management and participated twice in a mini enterprise, Vlaamse Jonge Ondernemingen. He holds a Master in Engineering Sciences at K.U.Leuven as Mechanical-Electrotechnical Engineer, direction Mechanics, option Mechatronics and Product development. He received his PhD in Engineering at the K.U.Leuven on February 2010.