Remote Center of Motion (RCM) describes a motion of which the rotation center is absent from mechanical components. With the rotation center being coincide with the entry point on the patient, it allows the surgical instrument to be freely manipulated to perform surgical tasks. Also, RCM is one of the safest and economical mechanical configurations in surgical application that has exactly the required degrees of freedom, is always operate on top of the patient, provides exact end point position and is very intuitive to control without complicated inverse kinematics. Thus, RCM is a key technology for robot assisted surgery and especially critical in Robot Assisted MIS. Nowadays, RCM technology is widely applied in the off the shelf surgical robotics such as the da Vinci’s manipulator arms. 

In 2009, the Adjustable Remote Center of Motion (ARCM) technology is invented by Dr. Hsiao-Wei Tang during his postdoc in K.U.Leuven. The ARCM combines the adjustment of center of rotation within its mechanical design and demonstrated its advantages in accuracy, range of motion and compactness in working envelopeAnd it is further developed into a surgical robotic platform that positions itself to provide “safe, reliable, customized, and affordable medical robotic technologies to the operating theaters. 

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