Development Roadmap

Learning from the footsteps and successes of the commercial RAMIS systems, the VESALIUS Robot Platform (VRP) could become the foundation of RAMIS developments and applications. From the simplest camera holder robots to a daVinci-like system till the fictitious autonomous surgical robot, ARCM technology provides a platform to host additional devices, algorithms and instruments to customize it to specific functionality. For example, a camera holder is composed by an VRP, a laparoscope camera and a man-machine interface. A smart camera holder adds on top image processing algorithms to process the surgical images. Beyond MIS, VRP can as well play a role in SPA surgery. Combined with additional R&D achievements in actuated instruments, Robot Assisted-SPA can assist surgeons to carry out dexterous actions with small maneuvering space. Depends on the demands from the surgeon and the technology available, it can extend to any applications that require the motion operated through one hole.