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Prof. Hsiao-Wei Tang appointed to setup International Center of Excellence in Medical Robot

posted 23 Feb 2011, 01:24 by Tang Hsiao-Wei
ICEMR Introduction:
The International Center of Excellence in Medical Robot (ICEMR) is pioneering in robotic research, clinical validation, cost evaluation and product development for medical applications which include surgery, surgical aide, rehabilitation, nursing, personnel carrier and etc. The mission of ICEMR is to demonstrate the benefits of medical robots and to promote its usage in hospitals. Our vision is to bring 'Smart Automation in the Operating Theater, in Hospitals and in Healthcare' to bring quality, comfort, high-tech and economy to the patients, surgeons, hospitals and the whole healthcare system.
The ICEMR is located inside the IRCAD-Taiwan AITS which provide direct feedback from outstanding surgeons, access to cutting-age surgical techniques and world leading medical device manufacturers. The ICEMR is funded by Show Chwan Health Care System which offers sustainable financial backup and clinical platform for medical robot pilot studies and clinical trials.