VESALIUS Laser Robot

The VESALIUS Laser Robot 
The VESALIUS Laser Robot is made up by installation of the conventional operative laparoscope and CO2 laser on the VESALIUS Robot Platform (VRP) with man-machine interface. The Intuitive Writing Interface (IWI) receives pen input from user and converts the signal to control the laser trajectory. The What-You-Draw-Is-What-You-Cut (WYDIWYC) method gives user the feeling of writing the laser directly which is very intuitive and more accurate than traditional operative laparoscopy. In Dr. Tang’s past research he conducted a comparative experiment of 34 subjects and defined an Index of Time and Error (ITE) to evaluate the performances via the use of IWI. The following charts shows the results which proves the performance and learning curve are significantly improved.
The advanced functions on VLR
The current VLR prototype also provides the functions that allows repeated laser ablation with predefined trajectory and line scanning of a circular shape. It is not intended for clinical application but just to give an idea of the various possibilities on the RAMIS.   

For more detail about Intuitive Writing Interface, please refer to the following papers
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