The ultimate goal of the VESALIUS Robot is to bring the advanced robotic technology into the medical environment to assist surgeons to deliver affordable high-quality service to all patients. We believe the VESALIUS Robot technology will gradually enter every hospital in the coming decade with the close collaboration between engineers, surgeons and business developers.

We are working together and sharing our knowledge to bring 'Smart Automation in the Operating Theater, in Hospitals and in Healthcare' to bring quality, comfort, high-tech and cost effectiveness to the patients, surgeons, hospitals and the whole healthcare system. 

Here are our visions:
  • Medical robots will be affordable to every people in need
  • Medical robots will become standard equipment in every hospital
  • Medical robots will improve accuracy, speed, dexterity and safety to surgery compared to manual techniques
  • Medical robots will reduce the learning curve in acquiring surgical skills
  • Medical robots will cut down the waiting queue for surgery
  • Medical robots will reduce the public healthcare cost
  • Medical robots will upgrade the life quality of medical professionals