Surgery as a means to correct the illness of the body has been evolved for centuries which is strongly linked to the progress of technology. In modern surgery, the successful management of pain, bleeding and infection enable this art to derive into many surgical specialties.
In the 80th, the maturity of the video streaming technology is innovated into surgical procedures and led to a new surgical platform of Minimally Invasive Surgery(MIS). Nowadays, MIS has become the gold standard in several surgical procedures such as cholecystectomy, the removing of gallbladder. 
Novel developments are continuing in the quest to seek maximum benefit to the patients while the business model should sustain the R&D and commercialization. Among those, surgical robotics are emerging as one of the focal points in this game.   
Following previous achievements in surgical robotics and inspired to bring positive impacts to the society, Vesalius Robot positions itself to carry on the evolution and to propel the implementation of surgical robotics. It will become a part in surgeon's daily routine and be affordable for every individuals who are in need of Robot Assisted Surgery.